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Customer’s opinions have power

We naturally will trust the opinions of others before making a decision.  Video testimonials show the opinions of real people with real emotions.

Perfect timing is everything

Is that customer ready to purchase

Timing is everything when it comes to a potential client or customer. Are they on the fence with making a decision? Your testimonial video could be the decision maker.

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It’s been said that 70% of the top 100 search listings actually include video, not to mention that after they get to your website, they are 64%-85% more likely to convert.
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We keep a close eye on how your video marketing campaigns are performing. Our experts make adjustments to your campaign to be sure your video is in the right place at the right time.

Testimonial Videos

The best way for others to talk about your business

You love referrals, right? Well think of a video testimonial as a direct referral source when it comes to your businesses products or services. There is so much power in a customer’s opinion and as humans, we naturally will trust the opinions of others before making a decision.  Video testimonials show real people who is advocating as to why another person should use your business. It in essence, closes the deal for you.

Think of it this way. It’s tax season and you’re looking for a CPA to file your taxes. You come across some testimonials, all of them were typed out except one. You read a few and they’re not bad, in fact some are great! Then you watch the video testimonial and not only is it a good testimonial, but you’re able to connect with it on a more emotional level because you can see how genuine and real the person is through giving the testimonial. Now, we would be willing to bet that you would go or atleast make contact with that accounting firm, all because of the emotional connection you had through the video testimonial. It’s natural for a person to trust a peer over anything else and that is why video testimonials work so well.

Perfect timing is key

Perfect timing is key as to when a person views a video testimonial, it has to be part of the buying journey or process and hit that person at just the right moment. To early and they could forget. Remember, it’s about closing the deal and your business gaining a new client or customer. Typical you will see testimonial videos around the third stage of the journey, this is because this is typically the point where your prospect hasn’t made the actual decision but is on the fence. It seals the deal so to speak.

The web has given your potential client or customer so much power in today’s world. People are using mobile devices now more than ever before and that trend is not ever going away and in fact will get even more sophisticated as time goes on. Think about this for a second. You have a potential prospect you just met with. They told you that they had to think about. All they have to do is go outside of your business and get on their mobile device and whamo, there’s a testimonial about someone else’s experience, either good or bad. If reading, they may still want to talk more about it, but if it’s a video that connects with them and they can “see” what others are saying, they very well could make that decision right then and there. All they are looking for is assurance that they are making the right decision and what they are about to do will meet their needs but they will feel good about it as well. Now you have just created another person that will speak highly about your business.

Testimonial Videos are Not Created Equal

The most effective testimonial videos are the ones that specifically describes a product or service and the issue or problem that it will solve. You will see the testimonial videos that take the all-in-one approach and this can be an issue for a consumer as it can over power them with too much information. Yes, you can give to much information and actually push away potential clients or customers.

Allways utilizing happy clients that have had a great experience is key. You’re simply putting your best foot forward. This is not saying you can’t have a bad review, every business gets those from time to time, you just don’t turn those into video testimonials.

Today, your potential clients or customers are using what we like to call “social proof” in order to make a buying decision. Think of the this, on average, 78% of individual say that they would trust a testimonial video review online just as much as they would as they would trust a review from a friend. It’s simply about having a good quality video from Epic Ding that emotionally connects with the people searching for your business offerings.

CUUUUT!… Or better yet, “That’s a wrap”!

By now, I hope can tell how much work and how impactful video testimonials really are. It all pays off in the end, just always remember to prepare and plan. Epic Ding can and will help with choosing the perfect background, the right lighting and sound and ofcourse all the other technical stuff. When done the right way, a video testimonial can have a huge impact for your business.  Epic Ding is the right choice for your video marketing needs.  

Video marketing is already conquering the world of digital advertising, will you be part of this digital marketing trend?

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